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mouthguardsMouthguards ensure the safety of your teeth when participating in sport. Our Mouthguards:

  • Are custom-made
  • Can have your name inserted in them
  • Can be made in your school or club colours
  • Health Fund rebates available

We can custom make professionally fitted mouthguards for:
AFL Football, Football (Soccer), Basketball, Hockey, Rugby League, Boxing, Kickboxing, Rugby Union, Water Polo, Martial Arts, Polocrosse, Equestrian, Taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu, Bull Riding and many more.

Our Top Guard custom laminated mouth guards are made using a special machine that presses multiple layers of guard material over models of your teeth, building even more protection into your mouth guard. The increased thickness is the most important aspect to these types of guards. As the thickness increases, the material will absorb greater forces and distribute them much more efficiently. Also, this increased thickness does a great deal to decrease the incidence of concussion related injuries.

Our Process



Sit down with our qualified prosthetist Peter Topalov and see how he can help you.


Impressions/Bite Registration

We take an exact mould of your mouth to ensure the prosthetics are a perfect fit. We use wax contour models to locate your bite.


Try In Stage

Based on your mould, we design realistic prosthetics that are comfortable and functional. We achieve this by setting the denture teeth on a wax mould where you can see what the final denture will look like.


Final Stage

This is when your denture is fitted and checked. Some minute adjustments may be necessary to help you adapt to your new dentures.



Our services don't end when you leave the chair. We encourage all our clients to come in for regular checkups.

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